Sherlock – My thoughts…

If you have not seen this truly excellent series yet (why not?), don’t read this.

So, it’s safe to say that for quite some time now, I, like many people on ‘the internet’ have been giving quite a lot of thought to the ending of the second series of the excellent ‘Sherlock’. Having started this blog site recently, it was only a matter of time before this topic came up, and after a certain amount of what can only be described as trolling by the writers recently (red bull gag anyone?), this seemed even more appropriate.

While watching the final episode this evening – cunningly entitled “The Richenbach Fall” – for the umpteenth time, I was struck by a revelation. I believe I may have spotted the “big clue” that was left in the episode, according to that wonderful group of people ‘the writers’.

But before I get to that, just to document it.. here is a summary of my thoughts regarding other, arguably more important, aspects of the episode. In no particular order..

1. John’s positioning
Mentioned in just about every other theory, I agree that Sherlock directs John via a phone call, into standing in a rather precise position with a low building between John and St Bart’s in order to avoid John seeing the actual impact as Sherlock hits the ground – not that that actually takes place.

2. The rubber ball
Probably used as some kind of prop to give the impression that Sherlock has no pulse when John is eventually allowed to check him over.

3. The pigeons
No feral giraffe theories here, sadly. This has really bugged me since I first saw the episode, so I am mentioning it here. The shot with the two pigeons flying off the ledge on the side of the building, but only *after* Sherlock has (allegedly) fallen right past them (within a few feet at most) at high speed, seems slightly strange to me. Why include it? And why have them fly through the very center of the frame? This seems to be no fluke to me, and while I am uncertain as to any value, meaning, or revelation here in the grander scheme of things, I nevertheless believe that this is an important shot.
Note: on closer inspection, i am even more suspicious of the pigeons. They appear to have been added in post production as CGI.

4. The ‘homeless network’
The “audience” on the street below, and most likely the doctors who come rushing out of the car-park (I think?) entrance are “in on it”, and are likely members of Sherlock’s “homeless network” who have been mentioned often but actually seldom seen (if at all?) in this particular series until this point.

5. “The Audience”
I am suspicious of the establishing shot looking down onto the pavement onto which Sherlock is about to fall. There are several potential oddities here; The buses themselves, the large figure with what appear to be bags on the bench, the roof of the bus shelter, what appears to be a strangely marked off rectangle of pavement (though do we presume this is something to do with the bus stop in terms of loading / unloading passengers?), and most of all the fact that somehow the pavement is completely deseted when he ‘lands’.

6. IOU
I have little to contribute here, other than the fact that Molly seem’s quite bothered by the phrase when she hears Sherlock mentioning it. Perhaps she has heard ‘Jim’ say the same during their brief relationship, and perhaps this has some negative or worrying connotations for her based on her experiences with ‘Jim’. Molly states that she ended that relationship, I wonder what her reasoning was?

7. Eyes
I’m not certain, but i could have sworn Sherlock’s eyes were darker than those of the ‘body’ lying on the floor near the end of the episode…

8. Chalk line?
There seems to be a chalk outline that the cyclist rides along. This could be a filming anomaly, or perhaps it has been drawn by Sherlock for some reason, maybe to indicate to the cyclist the area in which Sherlock needs to have John standing?

Now then. All of that said, I do not know how Sherlock was able to hit the ground and survive, if that is indeed what happened. My personal view is that he actually landed in the back of the truck loaded with what appears to be laundry or bin bags – the same truck that is seen driving away mere seconds later – and then climbed out and lay down. All this Well before a stunned and groggy John (Perhaps the HOUND chemical has been used here?) reaches Sherlock. As for the copious amounts of blood on the floor, (which does not seem to be there in
the background of the few shots where the camera is showing John being knocked over and getting back up), my only guess is that Sherlock obtained some blood from Molly.

4 thoughts on “Sherlock – My thoughts…

  1. Ha, I just saw this episode recently as well. The part about the child recognizing Sherlock also bothered me. I was originally inclined to think that Sherlock had a double that Moriarty had dug up from somewhere, but your explanation makes a lot more sense. Quite bummed we’ll need to wait a good long time for Season 3… They’re not even starting production until next year.

  2. But, then why, after he licks the wrappers, does he say that it is a cool trick? he is alone. he is not covering up by saying this. i think this puts a hamper in your idea that he kid napped the kids.

    • Fun! Have you seen the PBS series “Sherlock”? Fast-paced and set in moedrn times – I bet you can find the first year on DVD by now somewhere – I think they may be BBC products, not sure…..

  3. A very good read but I have a couple of questions. 1: Everyone says Watson couldn’t see Sherlock and therefore that is how Sherlock did it, right? Well what about the sniper? Moriarty told Sherlock that the only way to stop his friends being killed would be for the sniper to see him fall. This suggests that the sniper could see him quite well, plus I don’t think that Moriarty would let there be a chance of him not seeing Sherlock. 2: I don’t think Sherlock kidnapped the kids, Moriarty would have a simple enough time of traumatizing the kids with Sherlocks appearance.
    P.s. Liked the thinking that John was drugged with the H.O.U.N.D.S gas

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